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Software testing: what it is and why it's important.

Software testing is one of the duties that all programmers will have to go through if they have to reach the top. A lot of programmers dread the idea of testing their product just because a lot of companies don't really consider it as a duty as important as creating the program. This may be true but there are also some software testers who do not know how important this is since they do not know what they can do with this profession.

Software testing is a critical aspect of software development. Software testing is done in each and every software development phase, for example, during the requirements phase, design phase, and implementation phase. In order to test software you must have a comprehensive knowledge of the overall software development process. Before getting down to the detail level software testing lets us know what parts of the system are working well and which are not.

The writing is on the wall, we’re running out of time. SaaS, Mobile, and Email have shifted the competitive advantage of software testing from those that can test to those that can build faster. When it comes to building faster software testing is a necessity, but how do you manage the regular complexity involved in software testing?

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