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The New Standard
in Software Testing

Designed for excellence, built for success

Software is not a place. It's a process.

Our expertise in quality assurance and testing will ensure that the software you develop meets the highest standards of quality. We offer a range of services which include:


  • Agile Project Management Training

  • Automated Testing Services

  • Business Analyst Training

  • Change Management Training

  • Code Review Services

  • Consulting Services


Test automation services enable teams to speed up development and to comply with high customer requirements. Automation testing increases the efficiency and reduce the costs of testing.

Testing Consulting

Software Testing Outsourcing is an effective and time-effective method to annually increase your software testing productivity. There are many companies out there that can do the job better. Your company can benefit from obtaining valuable expertise from us.

Website Testing

A website’s usefulness depends on how effective it is in meeting its goals. In other words, you build a website to achieve a certain purpose, and your success is judged by whether or not the website effectively helps users to achieve that goal. The test of your site will therefore depend on answering “does the site help achieve its purpose?”

Test Process Improvements

If your company is considering the testing process improvement, TPI will provide the personnel and strategies to make the business more competitive.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Some of the most common problems that occur when working on a project include:


-Lack of communication between team members


-Unclear goals and objectives


-Poor project management



Raisa Software Consultancy can help your organisation improve your testing processes and devise test strategies for your development process.


We have years of experience in software testing, and we can help you improve the different types of testing and methodologies you are currently using.

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